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Addici Security starts authorized emergency response center

Addici Security is starting up a certified and authorized emergency response center. The emergency response center will receive alarm calls, verify alarms, provide camera surveillance and coordinate emergency dispatch. The emergency response center also forms the foundation for Group company Coor’s focus on smart systems for FM services which use technology to connect different services and to meet customer needs.

Alongside Coor, Addici already provides remote security services to several of Sweden’s largest companies through Coor’s Security Center. The emergency response center complements this service by providing 24/7 emergency services that satisfy complex customer requirements. The new emergency response center strengthens Coor’s position as the Nordic region’s leading facility management provider by including in-house security services in the offering.

“It is a significant advantage for our customers to be able to coordinate their connected systems through a single supplier. It is more cost effective, ensures accessibility round the clock and enables the introduction of new services. This is particularly important for customers with extensive and complex security and property needs,” commented Magnus Wikström, President of Coor Sweden.

“We are focusing on customized emergency response center services. Our experience and the breadth of our service offering mean that we can quickly satisfy customer demands, regardless of which emergency response service is used or what time of day an alarm or call comes in to the center,” commented Marcus Dover, Contract director at Coor Security, and Johan Färm, President of Addici Security.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Färm, President, Addici Security or +46 10 559 71 76

Sofie Schough, Communications Manager, Coor Sweden or + 46 10 559 59 83

Addici Security has delivered security services for nearly 40 years and has broad and solid experience of all security services. Since 2013, Addici has been part of the Coor Group, a leading facility management provider. Together, we provide our customers with a complete service offering in security personnel and security technology, training and consultancy. We create value by executing, leading and rationalizing our customers’ security operations, integrated with other services, so that our customers can focus on what they do best.

Addici’s customers include a large number of companies and public operations of varying size, including Ericsson, Jernhusen, ICA, NCC, Sandvik, Borealis, Telia Company, Vasakronan and Volvo Cars.

Coor was founded in 1998 and has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2015. Coor takes responsibility for the operations it conducts, in relation to customers, employees and shareholders, as well as for its wider impact on society and the environment. Read more at  and