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About Addici

Security with passion and a feeling for service

Addici Security is Sweden’s fourth largest security company. Our security guards, community service officers and escorts provide security and are passionate about service.

Addici is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coor. We’ve created Coor Security Center to ensure high accessibility and effective contact paths for all matters relating to security. The center handles cases from 40 different countries around the clock, 365 days a year. The center ensures reliability through technical surveillance, and controls our customers’ security systems.

Working with us

The culture at Addici Security is open, relaxed and welcoming. You’ll have the opportunity to work and grow in an innovative company with high ambitions. You can find all our vacancies here. 

The reason I enjoy working at Addici is mainly because it feels like family. We’re there for each other and you don’t feel like just another face in the crowd, we really care about each other. In my work, two things are particularly important—being service minded and great communication skills. These two characteristics solve most problems at work and contribute to increasing security.

I’ve advanced and developed a great deal during my years with Addici, and have been given the opportunity to try out many different roles and assignments. Whenever I’ve had the chance to show what I can do and what I want, this has been recognized and I’ve been given more responsibility. In 2018, I completed Addici’s trainee program which everyone who participated really enjoyed. This demonstrated that the company is invested in us and was a great opportunity to develop professionally within the company. 

Ivana, Stockholm Security guard and team leader

Väktare Addici

At Addici, we focus on quality and service. Although security is obviously always at the center of everything we do, it’s not enough to just deliver security, quality and service are just as important. We listen to what the customer wants and try to create opportunities to develop together. 

My team feels like family—the mood is usually great and we care a lot about each other. I think this is one of the most important things about a workplace, feeling that you’re part of a team. I also like that my assignments are varied and help me develop, there’s always something new going at work.

Johnny, Linköping Security guard and team leader

Glad väktare

The most important thing about my work is making people feel safe, which I do on a daily basis. I also enjoy the social aspect of the work, partly through the customer dialog but mainly by working alongside my colleagues. At Addici, I never feel like just another face in the crowd, we care about each other and help each other whenever it’s needed.

I’ve always been clear about what I want and how I want to progress in the company, which I’ve been able to do, particularly through Addici’s trainee program which I consider an important part of my professional development. This is one of the most important things about any job in my opinion, feeling that you’re being noticed as an employee and colleague. 

Petra, Stockholm Security guard receptionist