Addici Security signs agreement with Borealis

Addici Security has signed a new security agreement with delivery to Borealis starting in July. The agreement relates to delivery of stationary surveillance, port control and security development.

Borealis, a company located in Stenungsund in western Sweden, has chosen to sign a new IFM agreement with Coor where Addici Security provides surveillance services. Addici’s concept "Service with Security", which focuses on the service experience as a whole, was central to the choice of surveillance provider.

Borealis is the only polyethylene (PE) manufacturer in Sweden, with the company’s Swedish plant located in Stenungsund. The plant includes cracker operations, a polyethylene plant and a Research & Development center. Raw materials arrive at Borealis’ proprietary port operation by cargo ship, with more than 500 ships docking each year for imports and exports. This makes the Stenungsund facility one of Sweden’s busiest industrial ports.

Addici Security provides security services, including responsibility for managing and developing security at the customer’s site. The contract will employ some 25 new staff to deliver "Service with Security" around the clock, 365 days a year.