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A security company for all sectors

Väktare vid brandsläckare

Our security solutions provide security for staff and protects properties. We focus on our customers’ needs by having a good understanding of our customers’ market. We have extensive experience of working with customers with high security specifications in areas such as banking, defense, aviation, infrastructure, engineering, offices and shopping malls. We use our experience and expertise to tailor-make optimal solutions for each customer. As a subsidiary of one of the Nordics’ leading facility management companies, we also believe that our security professionals are sector leaders in terms of service and approach.

Sector solutions:

Addici’s security guards and community service officers have solid experience of security services for shopping malls and stores, and can help you to create a secure retail space, both for staff and visitors. We know that service-minded and helpful staff ensure security, and all our employees have completed the Star-class Service training program. 

Today’s security solutions are largely built on smart technology, particularly in order to reduce personnel-intensive tasks. Addici uses a number of smart solutions for offices that improve service and security while also reducing customer costs. This means that our security staff can focus on customer interactions and providing great service while creating a secure office environment. 

We create reliable and safe workplaces through innovative technical surveillance solutions in combination with patrolling. We can also help you with all aspects of the systematic fire protection work (SBA).